Hello -- the Internet can be a wonderful place for sharing Life's experiences and learning from each other's experiences.   I have decided to create this POSITIVE RIPPLES IN LIFE blog for that purpose. At his 100th birthday celebration I sat with my dear grandfather in 1995 (...he passed in 1997) and conversed with him about Life.   He spoke of the many lessons he learned throughout his life. Grandpa Russo asked me "Do you know why we are here?"  Thinking of his birthday celebration I answered "To eat meatballs with marinara sauce?".  He smile "While that is important there is another very important reason we all are here: to leave positive ripples in the world -- for ourselves and especially for others".  I replied "Grandpa, I am not Gandhi or Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King -- I don't know how many positive ripples I can leave in this world".   Still smiling he said "Joe, a smile is a positive ripple for someone who needs